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In our play acting, dan and i must have “arrested” each other hundreds of times, locked each other up in the cuffs depending on whose turn it was to be the “cop” and who had to be “the bad guy”. Dan and i would use it as a blindfold in some of our games. I quickly made a plan to do just that. We liked to make up stories and act them out like a theater play. Com assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products. I might had died due to embarrassment, started yelling at her, asking her to go away, but she was indifferent of whatever i was saying, keep on making fun of me.

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Woman caught naked in mens shower. She rubbed it back and forth, then around and around, paying particular attention to the hole in the end. I never felt shy or anything for being nude in front of mom. I guess i was a little too nice and i didn’t want to rat him out for his mischief, so i just said that he was busy playing in the sand. I was tired and i didn’t feel bad about letting him overpower me this time. Sand from the pond tended to get everywhere, but we had figured out a way to deal with it. And dan had locked them on my wrists with the keyholes toward my elbows. We never punched or hurt each other, but we would get pretty physical, with wrestling fights and tickle tortures for the loser.


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Dan was nervously building sand castles and knocking them down. To his credit he was really good about listening to me babble about how i couldn’t take my top off, and then convincing me that i really could (drunk logic is powerful!). Neither of us ever successfully escaped from these handcuffs without the key.

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