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This is a post that kicks people in the nuts to wake them up. I knew that when he ejaculated, it was going to end up in my mouth and i knew that other girls swallowed semen but also that some girls thought it revolting and nauseous. It isn’t hard to empathize with the guy who just wants to slow down and smell the roses, especially because most moms i know beat themselves up for not being more present-focused, mindful, and calm with the kids. I don’t like bad language but the intensity of all the sensations and emotions overwhelmed me and i asked him, “was i a good little c–k sucker?”. 99% of these people will work a job until they retire or die.


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Wife suck job. I always just stroke him and kiss his penis head and give little licks. There are no podcasts in your queue. You just broke rules 1 and 2. Wife: god, we are going to be late.

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Not being racist by any means. Health! i go out and work out any time i want.

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