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Cramped quarters: midget woodie chuckie tortilla flats compton update

The flats are ki*lers on the real them fools got juice on the inside and outside. The are among the oldest street gangs in compton. Its over for the drug cartels ,secret societys will assist in take down of all cartels in colombia, mexico, afganistan etc. Pk pk pk pk. I was there when this monster was spawned.

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Midget woodie chuckie tortilla flats compton

Chuckie midget woodie tortilla flats compton

Tortilla flats midget chuckie archives. Nobody in that gang today ever read steinbeck. We were there even when palmers were there. Rafael “crook” gamboa agreed to cooperate with the u. In most cases they hate each other more then they hate us. Pelon raps/makes music about kil#i*g slobs & kil#i*g guys.

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I pray that we stop kil#i*gg each other!!! i dont care what race, color or creed you are, it should not be a reason to ki*l each other. The mendoza mexican tortilleria was on the east side of willowbrook just off of oris street. Haha f#@$k you slobs! pk all day, f#@$k bugers, f#@$k levas36 homie.