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He had been married almost 20 years, like me. You obviously know the correct path to choose. Tell “wavering” never to give in. Swinging took a higher priority than it should have. With condoms and medication only 1% of men and 2-3% of women become positive. Already have an account? sign in here. We also frequented a number of lifestyle clubs and resorts in the caribbean area as well as in.

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Genital herpesHerpes: hsv 1 and 2

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Swinging with herpes. Many people i spoke with described a tendency toward desensitization, making what was once exciting and provocative less so after awhile. This site is run by a real swinger couple with the assistance of a great team of forum moderators who are also swingers. Basically, 80% of people our age have hsv1 and 20-25% have hsv2. I don’t understand that. 70% of new cases are spread by people with no symptoms. Another great couple sharing their experiences.


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Honestly, this is one of the most disrespectful things you could ever do in a swingers club. The scabs resolve and normal skin without scarring is the final result.

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