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Hustler hf mobile antennas resonators

Originally two bundles of 8 radials, each 10 feet long, I took a 10 meter. The ground radial connecting. Pleasing swr below 1. Was not acting as any electrical base coil.


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Small hustler resonator. The radials just roll up. The black marks are lichens which wash. Dx engineering has more payment options. The hustler rm-15-s is a 15 meter super resonator that can handle up to 1000watts/1kw. The collet of a standard hustler resonator. These resonators complement hustler mounts, mobile masts, and other accessories to custom-build your mobile hf antenna systems. It may be broad banded enough.

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Order hustler standard resonators from dx engineering for exciting hf mobile operations! Using the included allen key, whip position is firmly set in the resonator whip tube with two 3/32 allen set screws.

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