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One day it’s “i’ll wash your sheets,” and the next day it’s “i don’t have herpes,” or “i swear, she’s not my girlfriend. Yes, please do a thorough shower and improve your diet. So i saw something about an exercise, called a keegal? what is it and what does it do. She does not love you, and does not respect you.


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Should i cum in my wife. I have a dought that the amount of sperm is less than normally it wants. I also read that prior to a man going to have a physical, and getting a psa test, that he should not ejaculate 24-48 hours before the procedure as it would drive up his psa reading. Since i don’t like urinary tract infections, i get up to pee about 5 minutes or so after his ‘finale’. We have sex the night after the trigger and the following night and more. There is no proof of orgasm. When i used to have a period (i have a hormonal iud now, so no periods), he’d run around pretending to freak out that he killed someone with his dick. They might show features we didn’t even know about, so it’s always useful.

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I have no problem letting my boyfriends ejaculate in to my mouth and swallowing. I am the luckiest man in the world.

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