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This is how you accept a grammy award. You can put this image collection down into the slightly silly category but i just spent a fun hour looking at portraits that feature people with freckles. I would also love some tips on duplicating the eyes within the last image. His aim is to show the beauty and diversity in this rarest of hair colors. When she first stepped onto the runway, lily cole started a redhead revolution. These pictures are truly unique and quite powerful too. Nothing to feel embarrassed about.


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Redhead freckled girls galleries. I have always been fascinated by all the different ways that people look. Many people wonder, “does megan fox have freckles?” because it is very rare that you see them in photos of her. Freckles are great as natural decoration: they don’t need exagerating. Even with both parents carrying the gene, their offspring only have a 25% of being born with red hair. Dowling, an american photographer based in berlin, spent three summers visiting 20 countries, where he shot portraits of more than 130 women with red hair. Some great photos! the freckles allow us to appreciate every human as god’s distinct creation.

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