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5 million followers equally obsessed with her curves. Jen selter has a belfie pose named after her: just look up #seltering to figure out what that’s all about. ), madelen’s amazing ass is well worth following. Obsessed with fitness, this southern california model has 10.

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Perfect butts better. An alaska-born fit girl who’s now based in texas, heidi has 1. 7 million followers can’t even every time she pops her booty in a #nofilter post. The model known as the six-pack mom might as well be nicknamed for the super bubbly butt worshipped by her 2. That’s because she literally works her @$$ off at the gym.

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Also swedish, hanna’s super hard workouts are all the inspo you need to hit the gym. A registered nurse and certified fitness trainer, sami b shows her more than 861,000 followers how to slay booty workouts. This los-angeles-based personal trainer and mom has more than 340k+ followers, who can’t get enough of her all-around awesomeness (and incredibly round butt, which she often trains using small resistance bands).