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Give him extra attention and petting so he feels secure. Help, i can’t keep cleaning it every morning forever. I have a 14 year old male cat and he pees in the house randomly. Some females do this to signal to males, even though she has been spayed. I am losing my marbles!! i have had my 3 male cats since kittens. To download multiple assets, turn on one or more agreement filters. She has been doing this since she was a kitten.



Outdoor male piss. She sometimes goes out in the garden. I still miss him. Plus, she’s from a shelter that listed her as spayed when i got her, and the vet confirmed it would be unheard of for a shelter to release a cat to a home without spaying her, especially if they said they had. He has since peed on my bed twice. Boys peeing gay outdoor pitstop there s nothing like getting out into. I have a 7 year old female cat she has randomly been peeing on clothing items and i have tried everything i could think of and she is spoiled with love.

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I have no clue what could be causing this behavior. But he is very gentle to us and always has been. The p-bag is made of polyethylene.