Multiple squrting orgasms for women


The 8 biggest misconceptions about female orgasms

It is not pee. I even got distance on them this time. My wife and i began the squirt thing about a year ago as every one else has said slowly and small amounts to start with and not every time now it is easier for her. Feel it swell with fluid listen to her breathing and quickly extract your fingers and rub her clit.

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Multiple squrting orgasms for women. Kegels will strengthen your vaginal muscles so you can squirt further and your orgasms will be more powerful and pleasurable. This works for me most often, however not all women squirt , they just get very wet, either way if you give them a g spot orgasm, you set yourself apart from most men and they will become addicted to you and your skills. Thanx for the info now i will just let it gooooo. Now understand, iv always felt like wana pee so i tell hm to stop thn i go pee. However, i through our experiences i’ve taught myself how to “cum” or squirt and can make it happen even without an orgasm. How does it feel, i need some reasurance. Do that with you fingers in a woman’s vagina so your palm is facing the same way as her navel, your fingers moving gently but firmly with the pads stimulating the top (belly side) of the vagina and she will squirt if she can.


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