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Young sorority pledge wins fraternity approval the hard way. Obviously, i am not best friends with the 42 other girls in my pledge class like i was told i would be at the beginning. Bonding was quick and intense when all of my new friends from pledge class revealed that they, too, were freaking out about shitting in the same bathroom. The winner avoids becoming an embarrassment.

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Hot sorority stories lesbian. Step-sisters lead a night of gloryholes & gangbangs. Susan and maisy attend a rush party. Some of them were just ridiculous and the whole point was to torment yourself wondering why you were called that in the first place. Sorority accompanies hot teacher to nudist club. Explored the hazing practices at a number of universities in 2005.



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The college’s website says they have a strict anti-hazing policy which, if violated, may result in “the imposition of fines, the withholding of diplomas or transcripts pending compliance with the rules or pending payment of fines, and the imposition of probation, suspension or dismissal. A lesson in obedience. You can link your facebook account to your existing account.