He made me lick his balls


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So we rounded up some guys and asked them to bloody well tell us what they actually want their partners to do with their balls. He kissed my vagina lips, licking me from top to bottom. They settle on his balls. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our. Like, do we touch them? just gawk at them? do men want us to put them in our mouths or what? and, just as it is with penises, every set of balls is different. These two made me blow my load.

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He made me lick his balls. Oh god, just want to meet these two so i can let them explore my ass with their tongues and dicks. However, i can tell you that i have made men cum by licking their balls, anus and perineum so i suppose it is pleasurable for them. I you have long hair you can them with your hair. The warmth of the mouth combined with the movements of the tongue extremely pleasurable. I unpacked while he went to the bathroom. Once you’ve worked him into a frenzy, switch back to sensuously licking his penis as you gently manhandle his balls. Sorry, could not submit your comment.

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The guy beside me kept standing up and sitting down, plopping himself on the chair beside me and this made the balls quiver inside of me, increasing my arousal. I love it when girls play with my balls, lick them, and take them in their mouth.