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Please know you are not alone. This article is truly abhorrent. You sound like you are out of her league. The term cuckolding was originally a phrase used for men whose wives had sex with other men. Email the dr phil show and ask for annette. Albany, ny: state university of new york press. And not everything is about sex.


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Have sex with my girlfriend wife. We were on the verge of acquaintances and friends for a long time. It’s just a crazy expectation. Maybe we need a century of men learning to focus on emotional lovemaking that is ubiquitous. Would he start to doubt his attractiveness to her? how would he react? especially if they weren’t having much sex anymore. After seeing a comment of a woman on the internet testifying of how she was helped by dr james.


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Maybe if you wives were more interesting, or less critical, or less crappy as wives, your husbands might be more interested. In all likelihood, she knows what her.

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