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Except for the mean percentages of tapered heads and short tails, there were significant geographical variations in sperm defects with a different geographical pattern according to the category of anomaly assessed (table i. There is a body of controversial literature on the effect of smoking on male fertility or semen quality (. Biometrical examination of spermatozoa, i. Abnormalities at the fertility institutes. N/a = not applicable. ), while the birth weight of twin, whether in the c-ivf or icsi group, showed a gradual downward trend, with statistically significant difference (p<0.

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Figures of abnormally shaped sperm. As it has been shown to improve reproductive health. Experimental and occupational studies have shown unambiguously that the mammalian testis is highly vulnerable to numerous physical and chemical factors (. Sperm morphology may be a more sensitive tool to measure reproductive health and testicular stress, as illustrated n this review. The problem is that despite the who. Moreover, sperm motility and morphology assessments are not fully standardized, despite who guidelines (. Due to the large number of statistical comparisons performed, the possibility cannot be excluded that a number of significant results may have arisen purely by chance. Jrk conceived of the study, participated in its design and coordination, performed statistical analysis, and helped draft the manuscript.

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Who illustrated that in different semen samples each showing certain separate sperm morphology patterns, like too small, or too large or tapering, only those spermatozoa conforming the nearest to the description of morphologically normal spermatozoa will bind to the zona pellucida. Tissue development (gynecomastia) and small, firm testes. A woman has “x” and “x” (2x) and a man has one “x” and one “y”.