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Without her knowing that i like it. I’m the most aroused when she farts on my face. Benjamin franklin enjoyed the smell of farts. I often walk in while my gf is in the bathroom. This is sort of true, and sort of not.


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Fart fetish smelling. I think as i entered puberty, which was around age 10, i became aroused by it and thought it was normal for everyone to feel this way. At first, he didn’t want to admit he was into farting, but eventually he decided to experiment. He said: “it was rather appealing in sound and i found myself fixating on it. Not directly but passively like in the manner i mentioned earlier.

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People often attribute gas to indigestion, when it may be something else entirely. Pictured: couple in fart-proof undies, not associated with fart fetishists, but by god, this picture is perfect. (and not just because of the methane).

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