Fake facial hair application


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Spirit gum is known for working well, which makes it a fantastic adhesive for fx makeup, but somewhat tricky to remove. Otherwise, wait for october and try a chain halloween store for spirit gum or liquid latex. I figured out an easy way to make fake facial hair. I’ve been using instructables for a while now and decided to upload it for others to use.


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Fake facial hair application. Note that you might not be able to use a paintbrush or makeup brush for anything else after using it in this process). Rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover will work, but should only be used as a last resort. Let me know if you find a way. Something to apply the hair with (you could use your finger, a paintbrush, or a makeup brush.

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Step 3: apply your beard!

This process can be time consuming and i suggest doing this prior to when you plan on applying and wearing your fake facial hair. Liquid latex peals off fairly easily.

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