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The shirt makes you look like a cartoon when it mixes with that beard. Most of the guys pissed and soiled their pants as they were bing strangled – they must have been lying or sitting (at least in the later stages), so presumably this wasn’t gravity, and it’s clear from the descriptions that at least one was pissing while neilsen was strangling him. My only *hm* of this being suicide is the broken door lock. By the way, who are those other 2 people in some of the pictures? are they aicn’ers?


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Erotic hanging kick. It is under these labels that many auto-erotic deaths lie hidden. This is why this practice is immensely hazardous and extremely dangerous. But what a way to go, hanging is more about sexual proclivities than punishment, and entertaining a crowd was more important than deterring pickpockets. If somebody remakes alice in wonderland you will be set my friend.



Does anyone know the reasoning for this? seems odd. Once a week he would have a cheeseburger and fries as a treat.

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