Do parents spank six year olds


5 things you might not know about spanking (including whether its ever ok)

You are helping and enabling kids to harm others and you think that thinking is ok? i wrote that she poured “bleach” on a staff, and prior to that she threw a chair at another staff and the staff was in hospital for a week and outpatient for a month, why is that acceptable? because she is termed special needs kids, imagine if that staff is you or your sister? or that you lost an eye in the attack because the staff was lucky that she narrowly missed her eye. Yes! thank you for this amazing post. For example, if your child pulls your cat’s fur, remove his hand, tell him that it hurts the cat when he does that, and show him instead how to pet. By comparison, 9% of current and former welfare recipients in the illinois families study, a less advantaged population than our sample, had a cps investigation (. I often will take away screen time, which means no video games, computer, tv, etc.


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Do parents spank six year olds. It needs to be discussed a lot more before people eradicate that habit. First off, as your child grows, that little swat won’t stop him, and your aggression will only have to escalate. And the reason you dont hit a spouse is because you are partners. Spock (who advocated against spanking) had a son who committed suicide. My mum always cursed at me calling me names. And plenty of people on this site are “mandatory reporters” that are now required to share this with law enforcement.

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My sister became the black sheep of the family and experiences depression and went to jail a couple of times. In some cases, people might feel hesitant to talk about spanking with immigrant parents when spanking is part of their culture. Louise, i applaud you for adopting non-violent ways of disciplining your children.

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