Crossroads guitar lick


Steve vai lesson: the crossroads intimidation lick | music lessons | pinterest | steve vai and guitars

Thanks griff for teaching a clapton staple. This system of combined upward and downward pickslanting is what we call “two-way pickslanting” in cracking the code, and it is the system that elite players use in handling licks that contain both odd and even numbers of notes per string. And we do that using the single notes. If you practiced to the bluesbreakers albums you should know this lick like the back of your hand.

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Troy grady breaks down steve vais intimidation lick from crossroads | guitarworldWant to learn the climactic ralph macchio portion of the crossroads guitar duel? watch this video! | guitarworld

Crossroads by eric clapton

Diminishing the devil: steve vais crossroads fours | guitarworld

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Crossroads guitar lick. The album was very successful, and reached top rankings across the world. Metronome work won’t solve it either. Guitarworld is part of future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Are an incredible time capsule from a moment in history when steve was a fiery upstart with something to prove. And it is precisely this downward slant that we’re going to use to solve the first half of the. Focusing on small movements will not solve the stringhopping problem. This is the greatest ‘crossroads guitar duel’ presentation and tablature video that exist on youtube! it shows the tabs as played, slows down the tempo without going off key or tune.


You can check it out above. Originally recorded in 1937.

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