Clitoris fully erect

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What happens to our bodies during sex

This is also the hetero-centric, procreative model that’s supported by organized religions, governments and even mother nature who wants to further the species. Her inner lips will begin to swell. And the most important piece of information i can tell you that will have the biggest impact on the amount of pleasure you give and receive revolves around giving her an erection. The body of the clitoris is generally 1-2cm wide and 2-4cm long. The word homologous comes from the latin for “agreeing.

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Simultaneous orgasms

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Clitoris fully erect. From the body extend the erectile. Breathing and pulse rates quicken. I need more than that. These tissues have more nerve endings than any other part of the body. Female crura (clit legs) and male corpora cavernosa (penis shaft) share the same origin. And that little nub we love so much is only about one quarter of its entire size. Some are hidden under the hood, and some stick out.


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A clitoral erection, really?

Well, for starters, this question itself means that society has failed girls/women, as none should ever feel the need to ask this. The inner labia (lips) change color (although it’s a bit hard to notice).

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