Chuck norris lost his virginity before

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Chuck norris can kill two stones with one bird. Chuck norris never has a backlog. You never know when chuck norris is going to kill you. A handicap parking sign does not signify that this spot is for handicapped people. Guy sure is something. When two sumos fight in arena, chuck norris always wins.

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Chuck norris lost his virginity before. Chuck norris killed two stones with one bird. Chuck norris can open a tin of paint with his dick. Save this site, if you act fast. I did the google search. This has never been proven because even the slighest glance of norris’ genitals causes normal humans to combust. Chuck norris does not sleep.


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Its not because he likes the song. The next 29 minutes of the show consisted of everyone standing around awkwardly, waiting for the wheel to stop.

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