Bikini hair removal waxing


Bikini wax: what to expect the first time you get one

Worrying about whether you’re too hairy / not hairy enough / have rubbish knickers on is all very normal but very unnecessary. Normally it results in a sharp intake of breath but it definitely gets easier the more you have it done. Bare, french is the way to go. This will disappear over time. Next, we protect the skin with our soothing pre-wax oil.


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Feel ready to take the plunge?

Bikini waxes: styles, shapes, and confusing salon lingo

Bikini hair removal waxing. All you need is a fresh blade, shaving cream or gel to moisturize, and the knowledge that you should shave in the same direction the hair grows. View your waxing experience as a bit of pampering that results in luxuriously smooth skin. A bikini wax isn’t a walk in the park for anybody, but for some, it’s worse than others. Beforehand!), having hair ripped out of your body can be slightly painful. Tan, beautiful skin looks amazing, but we recommend waiting 24 to 48 hours after a wax before tanning. But if you continue to wax every two to four weeks and get the hair that was growing underneath the skin at your previous wax(es), it can be gone for up to six weeks. Because you’re not uplifting any hair.

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Proper preparation

You can keep your knickers on when you have this one done. There’s no pressure to play around with your pubes if you don’t want to, but if you do, these are some of the best styles and shapes to try.

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