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There was little relationship between rate of responding and earnings under baseline or ri 20-s response-cost conditions. In the present study, the lack of consistent stimulus control by component stimuli might have been caused in part by the frequent alternation between baseline and punishment conditions. This suggests that the contingency between responding and response-cost punishment had a suppressive effect on responding independent of reduced net earnings. Thus, response rates in the yoked and punishment components during punishment conditions were also analyzed in relation to response rates in the corresponding component during the preceding baseline condition (i. Although participants were paid in cash following each day of participation, it is possible that the delayed payment may have reduced the aversiveness of immediate money losses. One reason to question the equivalence of response cost and electric-shock punishment is the possibility that response cost may decrease response rates via different behavioral mechanisms than electric shock. For instance, the relatively rich schedule of reinforcement may have contributed to the insensitivity.


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Anal punishment table. For example, for p100 stimulus control by component stimuli was observed under ri 10-s but not ri 5-s response-cost conditions, but the ri 10-s condition was in effect for 15 sessions (first exposure) and 12 sessions (second exposure), whereas the ri 5-s response cost was in effect for only 7 sessions during both exposures. Moreover, a growing body of evidence highlights the behavioral, cognitive, and neural consequences of endorsing or rejecting the notion of free will (e. There were few differences between the first and second sequence of component presentations for these 2 participants, although for p 63 under ri 5-s punishment conditions (not shown) the decrease in responding in the punishment component occurred primarily in the second exposure. Lol i have experimented, it is not fun. We tested this alternate explanation by conducting separate analyses for adults residing in democratic (. Accordingly, we used linear mixed-effects models with maximum likelihood estimation and robust ses in stata 14.

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High degrees of institutional integrity could shift public sentiment toward other ways to address criminal behavior, such as deterrence or rehabilitation efforts, even as citizens with stronger free will beliefs support harsh criminal punishment more than their compatriots with weaker beliefs. 08), moderate (ame = 0.