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He wasn’t sure he believed her and he was too much in love to care. Eventually, palm would turn himself in. Bryant’s home on ruby way on april 28 and demanded money. The bouncer, a slim, handsome 29-year-old named melvin luckart, stopped them at the door. He waited for her in the parking lot, followed the woman in his suv for an hour after she left, then accelerated alongside her and fired while both were driving on interstate 81. She made a vow–“to be the best that i could be to honor the life i was in charge of. She’d been in west palm for a couple of weeks, staying in a rented room.


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America most wanted stripper. This is your chance — timing is everything. Bryant and two others occupants to remain. Bertha started out as a “sitter”–a girl who hangs around, looking pretty and hustling guys into buying her champagne. I guess i can understand that. Hamilton, also known as “sexy,” “china” and “meeka, is friends with the suspects and set the home up to be robbed. She has sawed through bars, shinnied down ropes made of bedsheets, scrambled over barbed wire fences–anything to get free. They planned to get married in april of 1999.


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He was taken from me–i signed some papers and was returned to montrose. We used to get dressed up in our best clothes,” he says, “and walk around palm beach pretending that we belonged there. As i got in,” she wrote, “i saw bill crying and waving goodbye.

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