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Kirsty is a fan, not only in play but also as a way to help her resistance training, saying that her “six pack hasn’t come on its own. The device was inspired by the late jeff gord, a british forniphilia practitioner who ran. One game used in bdsm play is nose to the wall, in which the submissive must stand with their face pressed against a wall. There are two end-points, at opposite sides of the maze, each holding a pair of metal contacts. I built the bollock shocke. Just another predicament toy, really,” said gary. Instead, he explained that “you attach some handcuffs to it, and she has to keep straining to pull her arms apart to avoid getting shocked.


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Amateur homemade gag forced. Albeit with a wireless connection to a punishment device of your choosing. The no-touch cuffs are a pair of slightly oversized handcuffs that are clamped around the submissive’s wrists. Catch up on the full history. Cookies allow us to offer our services. He has already been engaged in lengthy chats with like-minded product designers who have advised him on ways to improve his own hardware, too.


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Gary said that he’s “looking forward to seeing the look on [kirsty’s] face. All links, videos and images are provided by 3rd parties. After bulldozing 50% of detroit’s prostis, our man finally broke unfamiliar ground: a woman in it for the bbc, not crackrock.