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Suicide and suicide risk in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender populations: review and recommendations

The journal of nervous and mental disease, 198(3), 220-225. There is some evidence that suicide attempts may be more closely linked to the ages at which lesbian women (. In this regard, it will be critical to look at outcomes among lgb individuals in different gender, age, racial and ethnic and cultural groups. The two dozen invited participants, including suicide and mental health researchers, clinicians, educators, and policy advocates, discussed findings from relevant research and their implications for reducing suicidal behavior in the target populations, and made recommendations to address knowledge gaps.


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Adult lesbian suicide prevention. The helpline center can be reached by dialing 1-800-273-8255. We educate policymakers and their staff about issues related to sexuality and train advocates on the local, state, and national levels to build support for comprehensive sexuality education and access to reproductive health information and services. In recent years, research on nonfatal suicidal behavior and related risk factors has relied heavily on large-scale population-based surveys, especially the increasing number of national surveys that have assessed markers of sexual orientation. Similarly, women who reported sexual attraction to only females had the lowest rates of most mood and anxiety disorders compared with other attraction-defined groups (only male, mostly male, both male and female, and mostly female). Suggests that lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults also have higher rates of mood and anxiety disorders and are at a higher risk for suicidal behavior than heterosexual adults. They found that elevated rates of reported suicide attempts in youth who identified as lgb were associated with significantly higher rates of depression, generalized anxiety disorder and conduct disorder than were observed among heterosexual youth.


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) identified only one such program, the trevor project, which operates the only national crisis and suicide prevention lifeline for lgbt and questioning youth. Recent studies have used denmark’s extensive registries of vital statistics and other sociodemographic data to examine whether people in same-sex registered domestic partnerships (a proxy indicator of sexual orientation) were overrepresented among suicide decedents.

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